Adult Can I just **** in peace?

Like... can I though?

Just touch my self, sit back, and release in peace

Not wondering if someone is going to walk in                                                                           

Almost not caring if they do.... almost not caring

Can I relax after a long day at work without all your questions and expectations?

Can I NOT be super happy about every fucking thing, and just be chill, and relate in my own way?

You people love your material shit... your meaningless conversations....and boasting - good for you.

I like my space...I like my new hobby - soaring to new heights as I make sounds I never knew I would or could.

I like reading and learning and exploring and walks and helping people....

And this, this last thing drains me.... it's my job....and it fucking drains me.... but i still give

in my own way I give to all of you, and have no- absolutely NO -fucking clue it's time to fly, not that ;), but stand on my own... so I can fly, yeah that ;) release in peace

To then refill so I can continue to help... refill with silence so I can speak bodly

refill with knowledge so I can speak justly... refill with experiences my own so I can share

While a bit in poor taste to mention, for obvious reasons, nevertheless...

I think Christ knew, stating they won't truly know or accept you in the space you grew up, because they will always see the you they think they knew.

I haven't been her for a while.... not that they ask...and Now, now its ok that they dont

Because I don't attempt to draw love from them...the limited ones

I draw from my faith....and attempt to balance my new flesh hobby with my conscience lol

But when I just can't pray.... or think... or breathe!!!!!! Can Can I JUST....


....and release in peace?


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