Perspective is everything

it shapes our thinking and actions

without it relationships become stressing and aggravating

what are you pushing for? why are you so obsessed with the lives of your friends?

why can't you just live your own life... not clinging .... be alone

you're alone anyways amongst those who never knew you, who you will always be seen as different by

but it's not my place to manipulate your actions... i don't yet understand your perspective

you're quiet, often holding in your anger - mostly

you speak more of them than of you... wanting more from your life i presume

we can never have a real conversation outside of what we grew up with

when will i actually see the real you... because in truth, you hide..scared of smt...looking for smt

and on some level, quietly judging...or simply having an internal dialogue - unopen to that which challenges your sometimes over sentimentalism..

nonetheless, i love you

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