Is it unfair to judge you?

to wonder why everyone seems so lost...

what may be considered authoritarianism may just be doing what needs to be done

i speka of the small people

the ones on the ground working ... the everyday hustle

is it so hard to just question until you find an answer... and then question some more?

is it so hard to f*ckn turn when the light is green?

or drive at speeds helpful to the flow of traffic?

or driving like you drive an average car and not a mustang?

and for others there is this annoyed privileged air...which is coated in kindness

nevertheless, lacking that drive that says on this i must stand, all else is sinking sand

the foolish fancies of men still an iritation...a humbling moment..

reluntant bitterness when they favor the typical...

why can't the majority be exceptional, driven, and kind?


I CAN'T seem to escape this box...

mainly because fear, hidden fear blanketed in annoyance

why am i so scared to be my best self?

to allow others into my life?

to assume that he actually liked what he saw?

to be okay with the marks, the chubb, the bad hair day - everyday it seems

cyclic issues.... but I'm ready to let go

and realize its okay to be depressed ... at times, because

i bounce right back

to that self i can only be when im by myself

i'd like to share her with the world

but im not quite that brave yet.... soon

God has made me stronger than i thought, without me even realizing it

forever grateful

forever alone

but when i relax and accept the moment, im actually ridiculously happy :)

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